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Rinro Team Building Day | Let's have a basketball game!



In order to promote communication between colleagues, enhance teamwork ability and cohesion, enrich employees' amateur cultural life, cultivate employees' excellent qualities of tenacious struggle and courage, and advocate the concept of physical fitness. Rinro held an indoor basketball game on November 21, 2020.This event is a mixed competition for men and women, both male and female colleagues can participate. For the sake of "fairness" in the game, female colleagues can walk and take the ball or shoot the ball; male colleagues can approach interference when the female colleagues are dribbling or shooting, but cannot block or block or shoot. Blocking (such as a male colleague deducting 3 points for violation of regulations) can only be sniped by another group of female colleagues.

With the referee's whistle, the atmosphere in the entire stadium immediately became tense. The players were passionate and sweating. Every team went all out to attack and defend carefully. Colleagues off the court cheered and cheered the players from time to time, and the atmosphere was very warm.In the second half of the game, it was time for the female players to perform their real skills. The female players picked up the ball and rushed forward, avoiding the opponent, and pitching the ball in one go.With their participation in the stadium, the intense game is full of laughter.

After several fierce competitions, the first office won the first prize of this basketball game, the second office won the second prize, and the third office won the third prize.





Through this basketball game, colleagues narrowed the distance between each other and improved communication and understanding. Basketball activities not only enrich the cultural life of employees, but also enhance their team awareness and sense of collective honor. It achieves the goal of meeting friends with the ball, enhancing friendship, strengthening the body, promoting a harmonious company atmosphere and uniting people. I believe that in the future work, Rinro people will work together to create new brilliance!
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