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Congratulations to the two new shareholder partners for completing the business registration!




In November 2020, Zheng Youzhao and Chen Dacheng, two technical partners of Rinro, were promoted to shareholders and completed the business registration. The two new shareholder partners each have 12 or 17 years of experience in curtain wall design consulting, and work together with the remaining four original shareholder partners to commit to the development of Rinro!

Rinro was first founded by Mr. Wu Linwei in Guangzhou, China in the spring of 2011, and was registered as a trademark brand in 2015. In East Asian culture, "dragon" symbolizes excellence. We hope to gather outstanding professionals in the exterior wall design industry to provide customers with the most valuable professional services in the industry for exterior wall consulting; this is the origin of "Rinro". Adhering to the belief of creating a Chinese external wall consulting brand, relying on the advanced system that suits our own reality, and based on the same struggle concept, more and more shareholders and partners have gathered under the banner of Rinro, and continue to contribute excellent external walls to the society. 


外墙设计咨询行业的根本实质就是提供技术服务。对于每一个项目,凝龙深知甲方最关心的是谁为他服务,项目洽谈投标之初承诺的公司股东能否有足够的精力来解决项目的每一道难题。企业股东是最能够及时高效地协调公司资源的责任人,可以在最短时间内解决项目的设计咨询难题;因此凝龙幕墙品牌在成立之初,每一项工作原则均来源于这一句朴实的口号“解决外墙难题”所有股东均坚持股东合伙人制度是Rinro(凝龙幕墙咨询)的根本制度,按照公司整体承接项目的数量,相对均衡地做好每一位股东项目负责的分配计划,确保每一个项目均能得到股东合伙人足够多精力的关注,及时高效地响应客户的需求,下沉到项目最底层解决存在的任何外墙问题。The fundamental essence of the exterior wall design consulting industry is to provide technical services. For each project, Rinro knows that client is most concerned about who serves him, and whether the shareholders of the company promised at the beginning of the project negotiation and bidding have enough energy to solve every problem of the project. Corporate shareholders are the most able to coordinate the company's resources in a timely and efficient manner, and can solve the design and consulting problems of the project in the shortest time; therefore, at the beginning of the establishment of the Rinro brand, every principle of work originated from this simple slogan "Solve the external wall problem". All shareholders insist that the shareholder partnership system is the fundamental system of Rinro. According to the number of projects undertaken by the company as a whole, a relatively balanced distribution plan for each shareholder’s project responsibility is made to ensure that each project can be obtained The shareholders and partners pay enough attention to respond to customer needs in a timely and efficient manner, and sink to the bottom of the project to solve any external wall problems.

Since its establishment, Rinro has served more than 20 mainstream real estate developers in China and is a strategic design supplier for Longfor, Kaisa and Times Real Estate. We have been adhering to the service concept of solving any external wall problems for our customers, and have won praise from many partners. Rinro's new contracted design consulting projects are basically derived from the recommendations of the original project design management, and through word of mouth, they continue to increase the customer group served. We always focus on serving customers, believe in the engineer culture, and believe in the power of word of mouth.

Through an equal partner system, Rinro continuously attracts outstanding shareholder partners from inside and outside the company; through a sound promotion system, we create a platform for young exterior wall engineers to display their talents. As an open big family, Rinro attaches great importance to team training, and has been working hard to create a corporate atmosphere that attracts talents, retains talents, and makes the best use of their talents. Finally, I would like to congratulate the two shareholders and partners again, and look forward to more outstanding talents to join the Rinro family to create infinite possibilities in the future.

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