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In the design of long-term and architectural design institute with the process, collection of professional and technical experience of setting the dragon wall to assist Institute of architectural design optimization design of building facade, setting the dragon through the use of fluid dynamics CFD simulation technology, through the facade of the building thermal, ventilation, air pressure and other parameters, constantly optimize the architectural design, building design value at the same time; using rhino Catia and other professional software to solve hyperbolic exterior design problem, and use the software building information model BIM is becoming more and more mature and professional software such as Revit Inventor to BIM architectural design institute provides professional design services and accurate.


BIM and CAD are two fundamental different methods for the management of architectural design and document documents.

The application of the curtain wall CAD (Computer Aided Design for the curtain wall) imitated the traditional design process of "paper and pen". The two-dimensional electronic drawings of the curtain wall components are from two-dimensional graphics elements such as lines, filling and text to generate CAD drawings, similar to the traditional paper drawings.



BIM​ 建筑信息模型
CFD​​​​​ 流体动力学

CFD fluid dynamics simulation calculation for curtain wall.

From the point of view of CAE, it provides advice for various design problems, such as improving performance, responding to environmental requirements, and so on.

By combining with the optimization design software, the multi-objective optimization scheme can be provided. Through the macro command control program, the analysis model can be made to improve the efficiency of the operation.