Expertise​     专长

During the construction phase of the project, Rinro will periodically visit the site to inspect whether the on-site construction meet the lighting design.


Construction management stage 施工管理阶段
Bidding stage 招标阶段

At this stage, Rinro will review the technical part of the bidding documents to ensure that the bidding subcontractor’s bidding design meets the technical requirements; organizes and responds to the bid subcontractor’s questions, and conducts an initial review of the tender subcontractor’s sample delivery products. .


The consulting services of Rinro include overall lighting artistic analysis and planning; architectural flood lighting design; custom lighting design; lighting equipment specification formulation; lighting equipment electrical and circuit diagram design; lighting control system proposal; lighting tender document preparation and tendering Data review; construction site inspections.


With the professional experience of curtain wall design, Rinro integrate lighting and curtain wall design in advance in the preliminary lighting design stage, taking into account the feasibility of lighting design.


Preliminary lighting design 初步灯光设计
Conceptual design curtain wall 概念设计幕墙

Our participation in the earliest stage of project design and the final conceptual design, in order to integrate the most advanced curtain wall design ideas into the lighting concept drawing to express the project's connotation and architectural concept most effectively.


After the preliminary design is approved by the owner, this stage of work will be carried out. Part of the effect will be to demonstrate the previous theoretical effect in the form of an experiment.


Initial design 扩初设计

Deepened design 深化设计

The work at this stage is mainly to further optimize the light concept drawing for the initial stage. If necessary, more effective on-site test light experiments will be conducted and eventually all relevant technical documents available to the owner for bidding will be provided.