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246 meters of super high-rise apartments, building a new height in the city. Rinro signed a contract for Shenzhen's large-scale lake shell renovation project






湖贝项目位于罗湖区东门街道,南侧为深南大道,北侧为现状中兴路,东侧为文锦中路,西侧为东门中路,南距香港边界800米,Rinro(凝龙幕墙咨询)签约该项目A1-A3地块,包括四栋超高层住宅建筑和两栋超高层公寓,整体高度超过200米,最大高度达246.7米。Rinro(凝龙幕墙咨询)主要负责该项目的屋顶玻璃幕墙  、门窗系统、百叶玻璃栏杆系统、立面装饰线条、裙楼玻璃幕墙系统、干挂仿石砖系统、雨篷系统、竖向装饰格栅系统等,总玻璃材料面积超过11万平方米。





Project Background

Since the reform and opening up, the urbanization of Shenzhen has developed rapidly, and many villages in the city are facing the fate of being overthrown. The village in the city was pushed down, and the high-rise buildings rose from the ground. The old urban blood is an obstacle to the development of the city. Shenzhen Hubei is in such a situation. Hubei Village originated from Shenzhen Ruins a hundred years ago, and the south side of the old village has a history of more than 500 years. It is one of the only carriers of the old ruins in Shenzhen. It not only has the typical pattern of "three horizontal and eight vertical" southern folk houses, but also contains rich religious culture, clan customs and other folk cultural rituals. Today's Hubei Village is submerged in the middle of tall buildings, forming a world of its own. There are still economic activities and cultural context, which is incompatible with the modern city with tall buildings.

Project Information

The Hubei project is located in Dongmen Street, Luohu District, with Shennan Avenue on the south, the current Zhongxing Road on the north, Wenjin Middle Road on the east, Dongmen Middle Road on the west, and 800m away from the Hong Kong border on the south. Rinro (Rinro Curtain Wall Consulting) signed the contract for the A1-A3 plot of the project, including four high-rise residential buildings and two high-rise apartments, with an overall height of more than 200m and a maximum height of 246.7m. Rinro (Rinro Curtain Wall Consulting) is mainly responsible for the roof glass curtain wall, door and window system, louver glass railing system, facade decoration line, podium glass curtain wall system, imitation stone  system, canopy system, vertical decorative grille system, etc. of the project, with a total glass material area of more than 110000 square meters.

Architectural Design

The reconstruction of the whole project will be based on the maximum protection of historical context, and strive to achieve a win-win situation in cultural heritage, urban renewal, villagers' interests and other aspects. The designers try to actively explore and guard the dynamic growth of urban development in a more flexible way, and ultimately position it as "mixed-functional business form under ultra-high plot ratio", "three-dimensional municipal transportation system", "ultra-high residential building form" and so on. In the future, these difficult design models will be extended to many plots of the Hubei Project, and become a new generation of high-density urban design demonstration.

Project Impact

The project area will not only retain the cultural relics of Hubei Old Village, but also build cultural and sports facilities such as art galleries, concert halls, and theaters. It will become a modern "urban living room" for sustainable development, a cultural and art center for inheriting historical context, and an international consumption core area for gathering new business forms, and become a new landmark of Shenzhen. It is believed that the completion of Hubei Project will inject stronger impetus and provide more space for the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of Luohu industry. The station is located in the main economic corridor of Luohu Shennan Headquarters, the core area of international consumer services, and the core area of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Port Economic Belt, to create a new home for the integration of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and to rejuvenate the cover of the main city of Luohu and the symbol of the era of Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

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