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Good news has been reported frequently, making progress steadily | Rinro has successfully signed a number of curtain wall projects, with more than 100000 square meters of facade walls

喜报频传、稳中向好 | Rinro成功签约多个幕墙项目,外墙超过十万平方米





The project is located in Baiyun Mountain Village, Chenjiang, Zhongkai District, with a total construction area of about 19,588 square meters. The school plans a total of 45 teaching classes, and will provide 2,100 degrees for the area in the future.

The school building is in a courtyard-style layout, adhering to the cultural characteristics of Lingnan Academy. The three "inner courtyards" connect the primary and junior high schools in series, making the campus a close and interactive teacher-student community, promoting students to study in Multi-dimensional growth in cognitive, emotional, social and other aspects.


The main curtain wall system of the project are: canopy, louvers, doors and windows, railings





The project is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Xinxing South Road and Tianma Road. There are abundant ecological landscape resources around it. It is about 1.6 kilometers away from Yanming Lake Wetland Park in Chanba Ecological Zone.

There are also several large real estate companies in the area. With the renovation of the area in the future, the value attribute of the plate will be successfully guided to a high-end improvement area, which will help to tap the premium space for later projects.


The main curtain wall system of the project are:Glass curtain wall, decorative framework, iron railings, awnings, louvers




The project is located on the southeast side of the junction of Chao'an Avenue and Jiaoshan Highway, surrounded by supporting primary schools, kindergartens, comprehensive shopping malls, cultural activity centers, elderly activity centers, community service stations, health stations, underground parking lots, charging pile interfaces, Fire control room and other facilities.

The project will have a positive and far-reaching impact on Chao'an District to accelerate the construction of "one core, two wings, three belts and three platforms", promote the economic and social development of our district, improve the quality of the urban area, and improve the level of education development in the whole district.


The main curtain wall system of the project are:Glass curtain wall, stainless steel decorative skins, aluminum alloy doors and windows, canopy




The project is located in the Huangpu District of Guangzhou, Changxian Road South, east of Luoling Road, surrounded on three sides by mountains, natural landscape is good, the future is expected to build a high-end ecological life center. The state government's key project, located in the east of the science city and in the middle of Huangpu District, will embody the “Smart city”, “Green community” and “Lingnan style”, and to create a set of high-end living, international education, business office, cultural tourism and other functions as one of the green community.


The main curtain wall system of the project are:Glass curtain wall, aluminum panel curtain wall, stainless steel curtain wall, railing


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