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The largest TOD residential and commercial complex in Guangdong in the year, with many 100 meter tall buildings attracting attention, Rinro signed a contract with Foshan Shunde Jurong Road Project







The project is located in the south of Dongle Road and the east of Guifeng Road in the near east area of Daliang Cloud, in the south of Jurong North Station (under construction) of Foshan Metro Line 3, and close to Shunfeng Primary School and Shunfeng Middle School. It is the largest land area for residential, commercial, cultural and sports comprehensive development project in Guangdong Province since this year,It includes multiple 100 meter tall buildings.

There are Impression City Shopping Center, Shuncheng Imixpark and other supporting facilities around the project, and Shunfeng Mountain Park is about 500 meters away from Shunfeng Mountain Park in the south; On the east side is Yunjin Riverside Park, not far from it is Guipanhai Wetland Park, OCT Happy Coast is near my home, Guangdong Tongjiang Hospital, Shunde No. 1 Middle School and other supporting facilities.

Rinro (Rinro Curtain Wall Consulting) successfully signed a contract with Foshan Shunde Jurong Road Project, mainly responsible for the glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, metal door and window curtain wall system,skylight roof system, louvers, grille, etc., of which the glass area is about 60000 square meters, the aluminum panel area is about 2800 square meters, Aluminum alloy material area is about 4400 square meters, and the stone and some other curtain wall systems.




The business types involved in the project include high-end shopping center, cultural and sports activity center, park green space and river course, education, etc. The TOD model is adopted for comprehensive development. Relying on the subway network connectivity and the advantages of cultural and sports activity center and commercial complex engine, it will be built into the largest TOD commercial complex in Daliang.In the future, it will lead the eastern area of Daliang District to upgrade to a new regional landmark with complete functions, supporting facilities and commercial prosperity.

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