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Rinro Won Conghua Laitai 从化莱泰外墙设计项目

Recently, Rinro successfully won the bid for Conghua Laitai project. The project is located in Conghua District, Guangzhou City, on the northeast side of Taiping Station on Metro Line 14, adjacent to the Huaruan Software College of Guangzhou University, and within 500 meters of the Taiping Station. There is a certain convenience in transportation. According to the plan, the plot will be equipped with community juvenile palaces, 18 kindergartens, nurseries, bus terminals, etc. The total land area of the project is 102,948 square meters, which the curtain wall area is about 50,000 square meters.

The project includes 18 residential buildings, 2 office buildings, 1 sales department, 1 commercial complex, and podium shops. The main curtain wall systems are aluminum panel, porcelain panel, glass curtain wall, aluminum alloy doors & windows, aluminum alloy lattice and louvers, aluminum canopy.