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Good news | RINRO won the "Leading Innovation Award"

喜讯 | RINRO(凝龙)荣获“引领创新奖”

On July 4, 2023, Rinro's participation in the curtain wall consultant  of the Guangzhou Europa headquarters building was awarded the "Leading Innovation" demonstration title in the "2022 Architectural Curtain Wall Consultant Industry Design Project" recommendation activity organized by the Aluminum Door and Window Curtain Wall Branch of the China Building Metal Structure Association. This honor was organized by the Chinese curtain wall website and unanimously recognized and selected by the owner unit, architect, and curtain wall experts. As an important participant in the curtain wall industry, Rinro has become the focus of attention in the industry with its outstanding professional capabilities.

凝龙全面负责广州欧派总部大楼项目的幕墙顾问,欧派总部大楼由广东省建筑设计研究院 ADG 量身打造,打破常规的设计,将 “璀璨钻石、茂林修竹、刚柔并济”的理念巧妙的结合在建筑中。经过建筑师的精心雕刻,打造出不求高而求显,不求大而求有的独特脱俗的超高层建筑形象,充分地体现了岭南文化建筑的特色。凝龙设计团队在项目的策划和实施过程中展现出了卓越的创新能力和丰富的经验。凝龙致力于为客户提供高质量、可持续发展并与建筑结构完美融合的解决方案。
Rinro is fully responsible for the curtain wall consultant of the Guangzhou Oupai headquarters building project. The Oupai headquarters building is customized by Guangdong Architectural Design and Research Institute ADG, breaking the conventional design and cleverly combining the concept of "brilliant diamonds, lush forests and bamboo, and a combination of hardness and softness" in the building. Through careful carving by architects, a unique and refined image of super high-rise building is created, which fully reflects the characteristics of Cantonese culture architecture. The Rinro design team demonstrated excellent innovation ability and rich experience in the planning and implementation process of the project. Rinro is committed to providing customers with high-quality, sustainable and perfectly integrated solutions with building structures.


From 2019 to 2022, Rinro maintained monthly on-site and factory inspections, conducted strict inspections of the four experimental sites, submitted audit reports reflecting the actual situation of the project, made forward-looking predictions and practical suggestions for existing solution problems, and solved potential problems encountered by the project. These efforts not only ensured the smooth progress of the project, but also greatly enhanced Rinro's reputation and competitiveness in the industry. Through continuous on-site and factory inspections, Rinro has provided solid support for the success of the project.

Rinro has rich experience in curtain wall design and consulting, and has a highly experienced professional team. We always uphold the values of innovation, quality, and sustainable development, and implement these concepts in every project. Rinro will continue to work hard and make greater contributions to the development of the curtain wall industry. We are committed to promoting innovation, providing high-quality services, and continuously exceeding customer expectations. We believe that we will continue to demonstrate outstanding abilities and professional standards in future projects.

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