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RINRO | By the end of 2022, Rinro basketball activities will be held smoothly

RINRO | 2022年末凝龙篮球活动顺利举行


In order to enrich the daily life of employees, improve their physical quality, enhance their resistance, enhance their team spirit and collective cohesion, and show a positive outlook, the basketball game held by Rinro and Yaxia officially kicked off on the evening of December 9. The scene was enthusiastic and hot!


At the beginning of the game, the players quickly put themselves into the game, all of them were magnificent. They competed with each other on the court and grabbed the ball round by round. The throwing action was smart, and each action was competitive, handsome and agile. The two sides fought fiercely. The competition was in full swing. The players on both sides were in high spirits. The audience was also enthusiastic. The cheerleaders also shouted loudly and cheered for the players on the field. The atmosphere was very active.


Both teams are highly skilled and equally matched. The game was very eye-catching. All the players cooperated tactfully and sweated like rain on the court. The cheerleaders' cries seemed to inject new vitality into the players on the court. Even though they were tired and panting, the team members still faced every opportunity with full enthusiasm and the most dedicated attitude. The team members of the two enterprises applauded each other's beautiful score, and truly implemented the principle of "friendship first, competition second".


The score has never opened a large gap. You come and I go, and the dual convenience erupts into fierce confrontation. Both sides grab the ball, break the ball, defend and attack; Strict defense, fierce competition, tacit passing and perfect cooperation have won the applause of the audience.


Finally, after a fierce fight, Ning Long lost to Yasha by two points. But what's wrong with the sweat and sportsmanship of the players on the court! It was a wonderful competition. The players from both sides gave their best performance, and the climax of the whole game happened again and again. This competition not only reflects the fighting spirit of the players, but also reflects the fighting spirit of the curtain wall industry!

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