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Tianhe settled in the new infrastructure of digital finance, comprehensively expanded the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, and Rinro signed the Tianhe Smart Finance Industrial Park project





Tianhe Smart Finance Industrial Park Project is located in Guangn Plot, Tianhe District, Xintang Street, Guangzhou City (the plot around the original color glazed brick factory), with a total building area of about 185000 ㎡, and the structural form of frame shear wall structure. It is planned to build 5 buildings, and the industrial type of the project is Smart Finance Industrial Park. The buildings are used for underground garages, equipment rooms, shops, offices, hotel rooms and other functions.

Rinro (Rinro Curtain Wall Consulting) successfully won the bid for the Tianhe Smart Finance Industrial Park project, Mainly responsible for the consulting design of curtain wall, facade wall, strip window, glass fence, galss canopy , air conditioning louvers, etc. of which the statistics of various materials are: The glass area is about 36000 square meters and some other facade wall systems.




The project is located at the center of Guangzhou Science and Innovation Center and the core of Tianhe Smart City. More than 2500 high-tech enterprises and more than 100 headquarters enterprises of the World Top 500 have settled here, bringing hundreds of billions of emerging industries such as software and information services, new materials, new energy, and network communications together. It is closer to the second CBD, creating the back garden of the Financial City, and filling the high-end business gap of Smart Valley.

Within 3 kilometers of the surrounding area, there are three major industrial regions, namely, Financial City, Smart City and Tianhe Smart Valley. The rental value is expected to be steadily rising in the future. Smart City+Financial City dual core radiation blessing, unleashing unlimited regional potential.

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