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Rinro|2020 Travel Collection





Several friends have chosen the provincial tourist resort [Shangchuan Island Feishan Tourist Resort], which is known as the "Oriental Hawaii". The sand here is white and fine, soft and comfortable. Standing on the beach, with the endless sea in front of him, the soft fine sand under his feet, and the gentle and comfortable sea breeze beside him, all the troubles become insignificant.


In addition to traveling to other places, the party hall is also a good choice! There is a huge entertainment space here, with all kinds of entertainment projects, and the integration of eating, drinking and playing is endless. There are more than a dozen friends here who have chosen the party hall to relax and relax, singing k, board games, mahjong, poker, Xbox somatosensory games, billiards, private theaters, etc., all at once!


Speaking of winter, is there anything more comfortable than bathing in hot springs? Winter and hot springs are a perfect match, no matter how cold outside, the hot spring water is just as hot. Three friends came to Zhuhai Imperial Hot Spring Resort.It integrates vacation, fitness, catering, and entertainment. There is a large temple fair in the town from 6 to 10 every night, where you can eat, drink and play for 4 hours, eat and play while shopping.


To ask where the night view in Guangzhou is the most beautiful, of course it is the Pearl River and Canton Tower!When the night falls, you can quietly enjoy the night view by the Pearl River.


文楷冯公祠,位于黄埔村乐善里4号(夏阳大街深时里 1 号),这个宗祠建于清代,有着古老的历史。这是一个与高楼大厦无关的地方,你甚至想不到霓虹辉映的广州竟有这么一处古朴之地。
Wenkai Fenggong Ancestral Hall is located at No. 4 Leshanli, Huangpu Village (No. 1 Shenshili, Xiayang Street). This ancestral hall was built in the Qing Dynasty and has an ancient history. This is a place that has nothing to do with high-rise buildings. You can't even think of such a quaint place in the neon-shining Guangzhou.
      以上就是2020年旅游相片摘选合辑啦!旅游既能让大家充分放松身心拓宽视野,又能增强对公司的认同感。公司的发展离不开所有员工的努力和拼搏。在未来工作中,希望大家再接再厉,与公司一起发展、共同进步,共创这个温馨和谐大家庭。The above is the compilation of 2020 travel photos! Traveling can not only allow everyone to fully relax and broaden their horizons, but also enhance their sense of identity with the company. The development of the company is inseparable from the hard work and hard work of all employees. In the future work, I hope everyone will continue to work hard, develop and progress together with the company, and create this warm and harmonious family.