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Good news is coming! Congratulations to Rinro for successfully signing multiple curtain wall design projects



The project is located in the start-up zone of the Western Shunde Ecological Industrial Zone, with a total planned area of 18.86 square kilometers. It is a land reserve guarantee for the future development of Shunde High-tech Zone and the core carrier for economic transformation and industrial upgrading in Shunde District. It is the core area of the advanced equipment manufacturing industry belt on the west bank of the Pearl River.

The main curtain wall systems of the project are porcelain plate curtain wall system,horizontal and vertical hidden glass curtain wall system,aluminum cladding canopy system,spandrel aluminum alloy lattice system,aluminum plate curtain wall system, aluminum alloy door and window system.


The project is located in a plot west of Kaichuang Avenue and north of Huangpu East Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, near Nangang Station of Metro Line 13. The distance between the buildings is nearly 100 meters, so you can enjoy the beauty of life. It comes with about 50,000 square meters of sports park facilities, including badminton courts, basketball courts, football fields, sunny tracks and about 3,000 square meters of garden-style swimming pool.

The main curtain wall systems of the project are stone curtain wall system,vertical and horizontal hidden glass curtain wall system,aluminum panel curtain wall system,lattice and louvers curtain wall system, floor spring door system, and canopy system.


The project is located on Yongning Avenue, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City. It is dedicated to creating a luxurious and suitable living education community. It plans 20 high-rise residential buildings, 1 48-class public primary school and some residential properties.

The curtain wall area of the project is about 144,000 square meters.The main curtain wall systems are stone curtain wall,full glass curtain wall,glass curtain wall,aluminum cladding curtain wall,glass railing,aluminum alloy doors and windows (including casement windows, top-hung windows, sliding doors),floor bomb doors, aluminum alloy lattice and louvers.


The project is located in Quannan County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. It focuses on the six elements of wild luxury, animals, hot springs, Taojiang, riverside, and mountain dwellings. It plans to build hotels, theme parks, aromatic characteristic towns, international wellness towns, and hot springsand and cultural tourism apartments.

The project includes the bridge library, dock, visitor center, art center, private kitchen, migratory bird library. The main curtain wall systems are stick glass curtain wall system,aluminum panel curtain wall system,door and window system,full glass system, flat tile system.


The project is located in the south of Qiaoxing Road in Jingkou Overseas Chinese Economic Zone, Sanshui District, Foshan City, east of Manjiang Avenue, Qiaoxing Road in the north, Mengyin Garden in the west, Jingliu Road in the east, and Minle Road in the south.


The curtain wall doors and windows of this project cover an area of about 39,000 square meters, including 6 residential buildings, 61 gate towers and podium shops.The main curtain wall systems: aluminum curtain wall, porcelain curtain wall, aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum alloy lattice and louvers, aluminum canopy.