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Hansen Bossen And Rinro's Technical Exchange

On May 19th, 2017, Rinro (Rinro Facade Consultation) went to Hansen Bossen International Design Group to do a close-range technical exchange of the overall solution of the external wall of the building.

SPDG Hansen Bo Shing International Design Group is a large international design company committed to providing the best designs to its customers. It was founded in Hong Kong in 1993 by Mr Eric Shing. The company has a professional design team with rich experience, high level and internationalization. There are nearly 300 professional designers in the company. They have Grade A in architecture industry and Class A and Grade A qualification in architecture design firm. It can provide customers with one-stop services ranging from planning concepts, international projects, civil engineering design, indoor and landscape design. His works have spread to more than 60 cities in China and overseas, gaining high recognition and honor in the market, and also won many outstanding design awards. He has become one of the most prestigious design units in contemporary China.
  SPDG汉森伯盛国际设计集团是一家致力于提供最优秀设计给客户的大型国际设计公司,由盛宇宏先生(Mr Eric Shing)于1993年在香港创立。公司拥有一支经验丰富、高水准、国际化的专业设计团队,现有各专业设计人员近300人,拥有建筑行业(建筑工程)甲级、建筑设计事务所甲级-双甲资质。可为客户提供从规划概念、国际方案、土建设计到室内和景观设计等领域的一站式服务。其作品已遍及国内和海外60多个城市,获得市场高度认可和荣誉,也获得众多优秀设计奖项,已成为当代中国最具声誉的设计单位之一。

This technical exchange takes about 2 hours.
The architects of Hansen Bossin asked various questions about the technical solutions of the overall solution of the facade of the external wall in response to the problems of the exterior wall of the building that they encountered in the architectural design process. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the waterproof performance, durability, and post-maintenance issues of the unit body curtain wall. Various technical issues have caused heated discussions among architects.

Venue Exchange交流会场

Enthusiastic exchange踊跃交流

Mr. Sheng Yuhong’s Summary 盛宇宏先生会后感悟

Group Photo会后合影

As a socially responsible façade design and consulting company, Rinro (Façade Consultant) continues to maintain long-term and in-depth exchange activities with the leading architectural design institutes in the construction field, promoting the development of architecture and curtain wall design together, and working closely together. Solve the problems faced by the owners and design institutes.`