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Rinro trademark registration road
After more than two years of hard work, Rinro Curtain Wall Consultant finally successfully registered the Rinro (Ninglong Curtain Wall Consultant) trademark!
Rinro established its brand awareness from the first day of business registration. We spent a lot of effort to maintain the company's website, design qualifications and brand names. In terms of the effect of corporate brand communication, a trademark that is closely related to corporate image is the focus of all brand communication work.

The trademark registration of Rinro also took a lot of twists and turns road. While entrusting the first agency service company to register the company, Rinro also commissioned the LOGO design company to design the LOGO logo, as shown below. :

Even if we spent a lot of time, we found that the LOGO trademark is actually very difficult to register successfully. Because if there is no unique design meaning, or there is no pattern easily distinguishable from other trademark graphics, the registration of a LOGO trademark can easily be rejected by the Trademark Office.

And we happened to be dismissed. This of course has a very big relationship with the unprofessional of the agency company. A good agency will conduct full-time trademark searches. A truly responsible trademark advisor and lawyer will not blindly tell the client whether the trademark should be applied for or authorized, but will always tell him first: you need to determine the category, product or service based on your business, do a search and see if Whether it has already been registered, or the existence of an earlier approximation of the mark may threaten to dismiss your mark.

The URL for consultation on the curtain wall is also Both are consistent, and many of the world's most famous trademarks are textual symbols such as Lenovo in the IT industry and SOM in the architectural design consulting industry. After several considerations and communication, we removed the LOGO design and left only the English and Chinese symbols. At the same time, we also found a strong agency company responsible for the registration of new trademarks.
The new trademark is adjusted to this:

We resubmit the new trademark application. After a period of time, they encountered a new problem. The agency company responded that the Wuhan company "China Nuclear Power Institute" is using a similar trademark: RINPO.

Yes, very similar. However, after searching and verifying the agency service company, it was found that the registered address of the company was inconsistent with the trademark address, and he did not formally use his trademark in actual work. Therefore, the agency service company proposed a very radical plan: "Withdrawal of three", that is, the registered trademark held by the other party constitutes the actual situation of stopping use for three consecutive years and applies to the Trademark Office for canceling the use of the RINPO trademark of the other party.
After understanding and learning, we also know that the basic function of a trademark is to distinguish the source of the goods or services, that is, the relevant public establishes a specific connection between a specific product and a corresponding product provider through a specific logo, so that consumers can easily recognize the brand. Shopping, thereby reducing consumer search costs and maintaining a normal social economic order.
Second, the Supreme People's Court stated in the (2010) Zhixingzi No. 55 Administrative Ruling that the purpose of the “repeated use for three consecutive years” repeal system “is to activate trademark resources, clean up unused trademarks, and revoke just means rather than ends”. 
This time, the application also paid a considerable amount of money. At that time, we were also uneasy, because we did not have 100% certainty to withdraw the other party's right to use the trademark, nor did we have the confidence to win the registration of this trademark. The good news is that after several months of waiting, the other party’s trademark was finally withdrawn by the Trademark Office.

After nearly half a year of waiting, we finally waited until the agency’s notice. Our trademark registration application passed the approval of the State Trademark Office and we officially obtained the right to hold the “RINRO Dinglong Curtain Wall Consulting” trademark.

Share the ups and downs we have traveled, blessing each and every company that is sincerely continuing its business to successfully register its own corporate brand and better provide customers with high-quality professional services.

The normal trademark registration process should look like this:

C is an abbreviation for "copyright" in English, meaning that the publication is authorized and not pirated. However, copyright authorisation is geographically and time-limited. C only represents the copyright notice, not necessarily registered by legal means or some digital product not suitable for registration.
• TM is the abbreviation for “trade mark” in English. Chinese means: Commercial mark, in short, “trade mark”. Its role is to tell people that the graphic or text it labels is the trademark of the product or service, not the name or advertisement. The difference between TM and R is that TM is a trademark in the process of application and is marked in the upper right corner of the trademark.
• R is an abbreviation of "regiter" in English. Chinese means: registration. The R mark is a trademark that has already been registered and protected under trademark law and is also marked in the upper right corner of the mark. R is telling people that the graphics or texts it labels are not only trademarks but also registered trademarks and are protected by national laws. Unauthorized individuals and organizations cannot use them without authorization.
  TM即英文“trade mark”的缩写,中文意思为:商业标记,简言之就是“商标”。它的作用就是告诉人们,它所标注的图形或文字是这个商品或服务的商标,不是名称也不是广告宣传。而TM和R的区别在于TM是正        在申请中的商标,标注在商标的右上角。