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RINRO | held a regular quality meeting in March

RINRO | (凝龙)召开三月质量例会


On the afternoon of March 14, 2022, Rinro (Rinro Curtain Wall Consulting) held a monthly routine quality and system adjustment meeting at the Guangzhou headquarters. The conference was held in the form of online video. The main venue was located in the office on the second floor of the Guangzhou headquarters. All branches participated in the conference in the form of video. All employees of the company attended the meeting.



This meeting mainly consists of two parts:

1. Regarding the adjustment of the company's system, the company will adjust some of the original rules and regulations or abolish some outdated or unsuitable systems at regular intervals according to the current actual situation.

As we all know, my country's real estate is gradually entering a downward era, and the entire industry is in a downturn. All construction-related industries will be affected more or less. Under such a big environment, the company decided to re-plan the work of designers. The main purpose of the plan is to control the working days, reduce costs, and prevent unnecessary losses caused by foreign workers. The specific implementation is to complete the work plan once in ten days. Proportion, the core of its essence is that more work is more rewarding, and there is a reward for paying.




2. Self-improvement of designers. The company hopes that every designer can grow at work, so it will occasionally organize knowledge exams related to curtain wall, so that designers can check and fill in the gaps during the exam, and know where their weak links are.

It has been a few months since the last organized test, and the answers to the test questions have also been issued. If you don’t understand, you can discuss with your own master. In addition, the company will regularly invite material suppliers and manufacturers to come for technical exchanges. , Some unfamiliar knowledge can also consult material manufacturers in technical exchange, so that exchange activities can realize their real value.

In the end, according to the usual practice, all the designers of the company stayed for a routine review, mainly to summarize the problems encountered in the design and drawing in the recent period.

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