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Good news is coming! Congratulations to Rinro for successfully signing multiple exterior wall design projects


    汕头大学东校区建设地点位于汕头市东海岸新城塔岗围片区,建设内容包括图书馆及学习中心、多功能文化服务中心、行政办公楼 、实验院系组团、公共教学实验楼、南校门、地下停车场等,以及配套的道路广场、绿地景观等室外工程,总占地面积334亩。
The construction site of the East Campus of Shantou University is located in the Tagangwei area of East Coast New City, Shantou. The construction content includes a library and learning center, a multi-functional cultural service center, an administrative office building, an experimental department group, a public teaching laboratory building, the south gate, and the underground Parking lots, etc., as well as supporting road squares, green landscapes and other outdoor projects, cover a total area of 334 mu.

The curtain wall area of the project is 119,000 square meters. The main curtain wall systems are: aluminum panel, glass curtain wall, aluminum alloy louvers, aluminum alloy doors and windows, and stone curtain wall.




Qingyuan City Plaza is located in the core of Guangqing City, about 2.8 kilometers away from Guangqing Urban Rail Yinzhan Station, 3 stations directly to Guangzhou North Station, 6 stations and 30 minutes to Guangzhou Central Station-the railway station, and at the same time the introduction of South China Normal University Qingyuan High-tech School is the only public elementary school and junior high school in Qingyuan.


Construction scale: The land area is 68035 square meters, the total construction area is 289815 square meters, the ground construction area is 247790 square meters, and the underground construction area is 42025 square meters.


The main curtain wall system of the project includes the exterior decoration of commercial podium, the exterior decoration of the lobby entrance, the exterior decoration of the gate building, the exterior decoration of the model room in different places, such as glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, metal curtain wall, aluminum alloy doors and windows, canopy, billboards, railings, louvers, steel structures, etc.


Future Garden (A1 Zone) is located at Guihe Road, Shuitou Community, Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City. It is composed of 11 high-rise residential buildings with enclosed design. In terms of supporting facilities, in addition to water features and sports and fitness venues, there is also a kindergarten with 18 classes in the southeast corner of the community.

The curtain wall area of the project is 56,000 square meters.The main curtain wall systems are aluminum panel, porcelain curtain wall, floor spring doors, aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum alloy louvers, glass railings, etc.


The Fushan project is located in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, on the east side of Zhongtai Tianjing Garden, south of Guangshan Highway and west of Fengcai Street. The main construction content includes resettlement houses, public service facilities (such as community service stations, Xingguang Home for the Elderly, comprehensive management houses, community neighborhood committees, community conference halls, community service stations, cultural rooms, community health stations, meat and vegetable markets, residents' fitness Places, community day care centers, kindergartens, nurseries, primary schools, post offices, etc.), municipal public facilities (such as garbage collection stations, renewable resource recycling points, public toilets, etc.), and outdoor supporting projects.
The curtain wall area of the project is 45,000 square meters. The main curtain wall systems are: aluminum panel, glass curtain wall, aluminum alloy lattice. 


Nansha Bay Yingdong Avenue Project is located in the south of Yingdong Avenue and west of Gangqian Avenue, in the core area of Nansha Bay, and the location conditions are very superior. It is about 800 meters away from Nansha Passenger Terminal Station of Metro Line 4, surrounded by World Trade Center, General Chamber of Commerce Building and Guangzhou Second Middle School Nansha Tianyuan School.
The main curtain wall systems of the project are glass curtain wall, facade LOGO aluminum panel system, swimming pool roof eaves aluminum panel, door and window system, decorative louvers system, corridor system, glass railing system, acrylic swimming pool railing, roof lattice, and glass skylight.