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Rinro Won Zehui Office Building 碧桂园泽辉办公楼幕墙设计项目

Recently, Rinro façade consultant successfully won the bidding for the curtain wall design project of Country Garden Zehui Office Building. The project is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, with a land area of 3732 square meters, a building height limit of 80m, a building area of 15,235 square meters, and an external wall area of 10,250 square meters. Through the overall project positioning, Guangzhou Panyu District integrates culture, technology and shopping. The Urban Vitality Business Office Center sets a new landmark for the future city of Panyu, Guangzhou. The project area integrates work, consumption and leisure into one, forming a high-density complex functional urban living circle. The east facade of the office building of the Zehui project is like a ladder that extends to the clouds. It also links the future like a link, which also means that the company is climbing step by step.

The main types of curtain wall are glass curtain wall, aluminum panel system, canopy, grille, entrance automatic door, door and so on.