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RINRO | (Rinro) The 2nd "Rinro Cup" Basketball Team Competition

RINRO | (凝龙)第二届“凝龙杯”篮球团队比赛活动


On November 5, 2021, in order to promote communication between colleagues, enhance teamwork and cohesion, enrich employees' amateur cultural life, cultivate employees' excellent qualities of tenacious struggle and courage, and advocate the concept of physical fitness, Rinro (Rinro Curtain Wall Consulting) The second "Ninglong Cup" basketball team competition was held. Due to geographical restrictions, the main participants of this event are all staff in the Guangzhou headquarters (except for some colleagues who rushed to the map), and other branches will organize separate activities.


The venue for this event is the Gatorade Canton Tower Basketball Park under the Canton Tower. The venue is spacious and the air is good.



In this event, the office is a team, and the three offices, namely three teams (Ninglong 1, Ninglong 2, and Ninglong 3), will compete in a round-robin competition to jointly compete for victory and defeat. After the game, the company's rotating CEO will give each team to each team. Award prizes and take pictures.

The opponents actively scrambled and shot the ball accurately. The competition between the two sides was fierce, and the team passed the ball tacitly and perfectly cooperated.


In order to enhance the participation of all players in the game and encourage female colleagues to participate more, while balancing the disparity in physical strength between men and women, girls in each team can run straight with the ball, which also enhances the fun of the activity.


Wonderful Special


The final game came to an end. With strong strength, Ninglong team won the championship with two wins and zero losses. Ninglong team won the runner-up with one win and one loss. Ninglong team won the third place after losing. The three teams took a group photo this time. The event also ended successfully.