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RINRO | curtain wall materials (refined steel) technical exchange activities

RINRO | (凝龙)幕墙材料(精制钢)技术交流活动



On December 15, 2021, Rinro (Ninglong Curtain Wall Consulting) invited Li Shuai Li, manager of Shibo Industrial Group Co., Ltd., to introduce the relevant content of the curtain wall material refined steel to all designers in Ninglong. The event was broadcast live to colleagues in Chengdu, Guiyang, and Shenzhen branches through a video conference system.

In recent years, buildings pursuing more refined facade effects have also put forward more requirements on curtain wall materials. There are many types of curtain wall materials used. Therefore, designers need to understand more knowledge in this area and learn from the strengths of the façade. Find an optimal balance between material quality and affordable cost.




In this technical exchange activity, we need to understand the refined steel of Shibo Group. Shibo Group is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales, service and consulting of refined steel profile systems.

Refined steel is a kind that can not only meet the basic stress requirements of the main structure, canopy, auxiliary structure, etc., but also maintain the visual aesthetics. It embodies the beauty of architectural art. From the design, processing technology, connection details, And the surface requirements, the sense and precision of the final product will far exceed the steel structure materials of ordinary steel structures.

Its characteristics are high flatness, high straightness, no R angle, the longest can be customized to 32 meters, the thinnest is 4mm, the width is arbitrary, and the nodes are arbitrary. The appearance is comparable to aluminum profiles, and a variety of materials are available.


According to its characteristics and advantages, it is often used in the following buildings and places.






After the material introduction stage was over, designers from all over the country conducted in-depth discussions on issues such as cost, durability, site installation, and structural deviations through the conference system. So far, the event has ended successfully, and the designers have further expanded their knowledge of curtain wall materials. It has laid a good foundation for future work. In the future, Rinro (Ninglong Curtain Wall Consulting) will also carry out more training and technical exchange activities on the use of such new exterior wall materials.