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喜讯 | RINRO(凝龙)欧派总部大楼顾问项目荣获2021年“引领创新奖”



On November 28, 2021, Rinro (Rinro Curtain Wall Consulting) won the 2021 Building Curtain Wall Consultant Industry "Leading Innovation Award" under the guidance of the Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall Branch of China Construction Metal Structure Association and hosted by China Curtain Wall Network.

The winning project is: Guangzhou Oupai Headquarters Building.


项目规模:工程占地约 19742 平方米,建筑面积141766.9 平方米。建筑高度 180 米。幕墙面积约 4.5 万平方米。4 层地下室,9层商业裙楼,主楼 35 层。

项目介绍:欧派总部大楼项目由ADG 负责建筑设计,由RINRO(凝龙幕墙咨询)负责幕墙顾问,量身打造,打破常规的设计,将 “璀璨钻石、茂林修竹、刚柔并济”的理念巧妙的结合在建筑中。经过建筑师的精心雕刻,打造出不求高而求显,不求大而求有的独特脱俗的超高层建筑形象,充分地体现了岭南文化建筑的特色。‍

Oupai Headquarters Building

Project location: Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Curtain wall area: 42,000 square meters

Curtain wall system: unit body system, aluminum decorative column, railing, full glass system

Project scale: The project covers an area of about 19,742 square meters and a construction area of 141766.9 square meters. The height of the building is 180 meters. The curtain wall area is about 45,000 square meters. There are 4 basements, 9 commercial podiums, and 35 floors in the main building.

Project introduction: ADG is responsible for the architectural design of the Oupai headquarters building project, and RINRO (Ninglong Curtain Wall Consulting) is responsible for the curtain wall consultant. It is tailor-made, breaking the conventional design, and integrating the concept of "brilliant diamonds, forest repairing bamboo, rigidity and softness" Ingeniously integrated in the building. After careful carving by the architect, a unique and refined super-high-rise building image that does not seek height but seeks to show, not seeks to be large but seeks to be something unique, fully reflects the characteristics of Lingnan cultural architecture. ‍




This project innovatively uses large-area anodized aluminum panels, with hyperbolic, concave-convex surface, lighting, slit + multi-layer board design, and creates a high-tech futuristic sense of gorgeous metallic luster!

The tower uses a zigzag unit body and a frame system, presenting a stepped concave-convex facade, staggered open approach, forming different folded surfaces, creating rich shapes, and stringent curtain wall performance requirements; using ventilators instead of facade windows to meet While using functions, the facade is more integrated.

The overall creation of a unique architectural effect in the Guangzhou Internet Headquarters area! ‍



The 2021 Building Curtain Wall Consultant Industry "Leading Innovation Award" is awarded by architectural design institutes from Beijing Institute, East China Institute, Shenzhen Institute, Heli Road, Southwest Institute, Northwest Institute, and Gensler, KPF, GMP, PCPA, BIG, AA, SHL , FRI, MAD, CCDI, DDB and other world-renowned architect firms, focusing on the assessment of project design from the perspective of innovation and creativity, the mastery and application of new products, new materials, and new technologies, focusing on the "Innovation Award" The review and recommendation of "", it represents the service level, innovation ability, and exclusive honors of optimizing skills, innovation, technology, etc. of curtain wall consultants, and also represents a wide range of professional recognition and brand communication value.

This award proves the achievements of Rinro (Ninglong Curtain Wall Consulting) in the field of curtain wall design. As the backbone of the curtain wall field, in the coming days, Rinro (Ninglong Curtain Wall Consulting) will innovate and forge ahead. Design more and better high-quality projects and high-quality projects to make greater contributions to the promotion of urban construction. ‍