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Yangcheng Design Alliance Visits Rinro Exchange Event
At 8 o'clock on August 8, 2017, Vice Chairman of Yangcheng Design Alliance, Guangzhou Xian Jianxiong United Architects, Partners, and Design Director Fu Yizhou and Ms. Xiao Qin of the Yangcheng Design Union represent the Guangzhou City Design Alliance to visit Rinro to communicate.

The Yangcheng Design Alliance is a private non-profit organization jointly initiated by local private design companies in Guangzhou in early 2012. To date, it has assembled over 30 well-known space design institutions in southern China, and employs more than 6,000 people. The business of member companies covers: architecture and planning design, interior design, landscape design, and other (lighting, curtain wall, foundation pit design, etc.).

Xian Jianxiong United Architecture Design Office was established in 2011. The founding team is the former Xian Jianxiong Studio of Guangzhou Haohua Architectural Design Co., Ltd. The firm is positioned as a building design agency advocating professionalism, broad vision, and forward-looking architecture. It holds a Class A qualification from an architectural design office issued by the state and has the conditions for undertaking various types of architectural engineering design businesses.

In the nearly one-and-a-half-hour technical exchange activities, Mr. Fu and Secretary Xiao first introduced the close design exchanges between the members of the Yang league, reviewed the cooperation and exchanges between the design team members, and affirmed and emphasized the promotion of the Yangchuan Alliance. The improvement of the architectural design level in Guangzhou has played an irreplaceable role.
Rinro briefly introduced the company's development history, business scope and project achievement.
Mr. Fu was interested in Rinro's curtain wall project. Everyone has done some in-depth discussions on some characteristic hyperbolic façade projects. In particular, Zaha-like architecture has aroused everyone’s discussion in different professional perspectives. Everyone made comments and comments on the popular hyperbolic building projects at the current stage, and both recognized the achievements of professional development of Chinese architecture and curtain walls.

Mr. Fu proposed whether the curtain wall industry could find a way to deepen the facade for the architectural design institutes.
He analyzed the scope of responsibilities and cooperation between Party A and Party B of the Chinese construction industry, and the current status of convergence of different professional jobs. A considerable number of architects will choose to enter real estate developers for design management after working in the architecture design institute for a period of time. In the daily work, these architects will assume a considerable amount of control of building facade effects, cost management, material rationing and selection, etc.; given the rapid development of the Chinese construction industry in the past two decades, most of the energy of traditional architectural design institutes Focusing on the design of the plan and the design of the structure; not taking into account the detailed processing of the building, the selection of material samples, the transitions between the facade systems, etc., have resulted in these efforts not being perfect.
Therefore, he believes that curtain wall design can provide more systematic and comprehensive help for architectural design.
As an old architect who has worked for more than twenty years and graduated from architectural design of South China University of Technology, the analysis and suggestions put forward by Mr. Fu are in place, insightful and contemplative.

Mr. Fu and Xiao Secretary were very interested in some of the curtain wall project technology and site visits that Rinro had completed. Hope we can arrange with the members of the Yang League the interested architects to go to individual key and distinctive projects. On-site observation and learning will enhance the architect's deep three-dimensional touch on the building facade.

As a member of the Yangcheng Design Alliance, Rinro has the obligation to cooperate with the Architectural Design Institute at the same time to do more in-depth technical exchange activities to jointly promote the development of the design industry.
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