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Win-land and Rinro's curtain wall technology exchange activities
On the afternoon of June 23rd, Rinro (Ninglong Facade Consultant) accepted the invitation of Guangzhou Weilun Architecture Design Co., Ltd. and went to the Weilun headquarters to conduct curtain wall technical exchange activities.

Rinro Company appointed the co-founder Mr. Watson to exchange.
In more than one hour of technical exchange activities, Rinro introduced the design principles of the curtain wall, the characteristics of various curtain wall systems and different solutions, and discussed how the curtain wall design and architectural design can better cooperate. In addition, the two parties also analyzed and discussed the main problems in the design process and the corresponding solutions. They respectively made exchanges in different perspectives on the problems encountered in their own work and put forward their own collaborative solutions in the professional design field.
The architects paid great attention to the energy conservation and safety issues of the exterior wall design of the building during the exchange. The two sides conducted a lively discussion on this issue. At the same time, due to the close cooperation between the architectural design and the curtain wall design, the exterior wall materials were selected. And use is also an important point for both parties' technical exchanges.

Win-land and Rinro are the members of the Guangzhou City Design Association (Guangzhou Space Design Association). This event further promoted the internal communication between the Yangcheng Design Alliance.

As a socially responsible façade design and consulting company, Rinro (Façade Consultant) continues to maintain long-term and in-depth exchange activities with the leading architectural design institutes in the construction field, promoting the development of architecture and curtain wall design together, and working closely together. Solve the problems faced by the owners and design institutes.
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