Expertise​     专长

Rinro provides the overall design consulting services for the factory enterprises that provide the export of curtain wall products for overseas projects, such as conference communication, budget quotation, plan and construction drawing design, structure calculation and processing drawing design. Provide technical support for processing plant's high difficulty projects and solve design problems.


There is a trend: The processing plants in the coastal areas in China have gradually taken over the processing services of high-end projects in some developed countries. More and more processing plants have chosen the light asset management mode, and design services have gradually evolved into a procurement-oriented market service. 


Drawing Services 图纸服务
Conference Travel 会议出差

Rinro has accumulated rich domestic and overseas design and cooperation experience, and can undertake the business trip to attend the overseas tender meeting for processing plants. 


With years of experience of calculations in overseas mainstream country and some full-time curtain wall structure calculation engineers, Rinro provides timely and highly reliable structural calculation analysis services for customers' complex projects.


Structural Calculation 结构计算

The probability of winning the bid determines the life of each market-oriented company. Thanks to the customer's deep emphasis on budget quotations, Rinro can provide detailed statistical results for each type of curtain wall system. 


Budget Quotation 预算报价