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Curtain wall design industry dilemma and exports


陈湛二 2017-12-01

Consultancy originated in the West.

Regardless of supervision or consulting, they are introduced from Western countries.


The well-known foreign-funded curtain wall consultants are: Meinhardt , Arup, ALT, etc. These long-established international engineering consultancies are highly market-oriented and can provide comprehensive consultancy services such as architecture, structure, electromechanical, environmental, and curtain walls. Their advantage is that they can provide full-process services for engineering, mobilize the company's global resources to solve engineering problems, and provide intellectual support for large and difficult projects. The experienced staff of the interior curtain wall is the foundation of its standing.


Like many foreign-invested companies in China (especially in the IT industry), brand consultancy provides a relatively simple design consulting service, including preliminary plans, process-based tendering services, plan review services and a limited number of sites. Tour and so on. Of course, these basic services can also meet the normal construction requirements of the owners to a certain extent.


The real problem is that individual consultants have a slow pace of cooperation and eating and collecting cards.



The unspoken rules of the industry are not on the bright side. If the professional conduct of individual employees is not correct, the project may encounter behaviors that accept money. From the design industry, although the drawings are determined by the norms, the more vague meanings in practice have different understandings of different people. The so-called public opinion is reasonable, and the woman said that she is reasonable. If you have a heart card, wearing an authoritative hat to delay the progress of the review, it is easy for some construction companies to take a slant. Individual construction companies use various means to conduct public relations in order to save costs or speed up the progress of the review. It’s no surprise that it’s exactly the same as the three hundred and six lines.


Compared with foreign countries, due to sound laws, strong supervision, implementation is in place. The cost of black trading is quite high, and the hotbed of these hidden rules is very poor. However, in China, human relations are rooted in the blood, the spirit of contract and legal awareness are weak, and bribery is frequent.


Personally, the bottleneck that restricts such design consultants' high-end status is mainly the internal management. Based on the fact that the equity of foreign-funded consultants is single, the professional ethics of the employed professional managers is the last level to continue to maintain the reputation of high-end consultants for independent third parties.



We can find that the development of China's Internet industry has increasingly deviated from the path of the West or the United States. Many new business models are constantly being adapted to local conditions.


such as:

The 360 Free Security Mode subverts the previous security charging model.

The Tencent social software system also failed to find the same case in the Western business market. Through free social software, QQ and WeChat control the flow of access to all groups of people, companies can continue to use advertising, games to realise, thus creating a huge social empire.



Due to the existence of the GreatWall firewall, the prosperity and chaos of the Android market has provided a gap in the growth of the 91 mobile phone assistants. The high valuation of the pea pods proves that this is a viable business model. This is what Google didn't expect after opening up Android OS.


It is vaguely visible that similar things are happening in the Chinese curtain wall industry.


Take XXX Engineering Consulting Company as an example, it arranges the industry through various channels:


1. Joint curtain wall forum. This forum has been in operation for more than ten years and is the forum leader in the curtain wall industry. It has already entered the stage of advertising revenue.


2. WeChat public number. At present, it is also in the early stage of acquiring users. By extracting different platforms or plagiarizing platform information, the articles are continuously published with industry technology and news, effectively gathering a large number of users, and then grasping the industry's right to speak, possibly for future advertising. Commercial promotion lays the foundation.


3. Curtain wall design. The main source of income of the enterprise complements the above-mentioned operating methods and complements each other.

Such curtain wall design consulting companies use the industry forum, enterprise WeChat official number operation, etc., to control information release from the source of the industry, and reach a large number of employees. The operation of the forum website more than ten years ago should not be the first piece of this layout. More likely, the unintentional hobby became a business.


The certificate printed an old saying: I have the heart to plant flowers and flowers, and I have no intention of inserting willows into the shade.



In China, the largest number of small and medium-sized curtain wall design companies. Because of the fierce competition, for the need of open source, these companies will provide a variety of design services: including consulting, plan drawings, construction drawings, processing maps, and even on-site resident design services. Due to the special construction environment in China, some high-end consulting companies will also set up a processing map team to provide processing map services for some enterprises or contractors in the market.


The characteristics of the Chinese building curtain wall industry are large capacity and disordered order. This is determined by the nature of the industry's bidding. The high-end curtain wall is divided by the curtain wall construction enterprises with domestic strength. The project owners will generally follow the formal bidding process and hire consultants to control the construction quality throughout the whole process. This determines that the winning bidders of the curtain wall project are generally listed or have better strength. Strong business.

Such a model should be needed for China's future.



The proliferation of qualifications has led to a considerable part of the project being undertaken by small businesses or private bosses. These companies or private owners do not have long-term reliable design teams, so they are the largest demand for curtain wall design on the market. It is conceivable that these contractors are mainly based on the principle of earning the maximum profit. They do not need to be considered as the formal curtain wall construction enterprises (in fact, they do not need to) to consider the reputation of maintaining the affiliated enterprises. Therefore, the phenomenon of cutting corners and reducing quality has been endless. . Similarly, their need for curtain wall design services is to solve problems by reducing costs. The design cost is also the pursuit of the lowest cost, which also provides a delicious plankton for many fishermen who design and fire more. Many projects may go through several design teams from entry to completion, because the design cost is low, the payment schedule is slow, and the requirements are too high. This has led to frequent changes in the design team, and it is conceivable what the schedule and quality of these projects are.


Such small and medium-sized design companies have gone the hardest. The operating costs of various enterprises cannot be avoided, and the deterioration of the living environment of the construction industry has made them unable to develop and expand their scale, and they are in high-pressure operation conditions all the year round. Personally think that improving the efficiency of the enterprise and constantly iterating the core competitiveness of the enterprise is their fundamental way out, and it is not allowed to be opportunistic.


China has a restrictive design qualification threshold for architectural design.


It takes a lot of money and effort for a company to maintain a design qualification. After the individual experienced curtain wall is single, it may choose to rely on the appropriate design institute or design enterprise qualification to undertake the curtain wall engineering design business. Although it cannot be said that it is one of the root causes of the confusion of the Chinese design industry, it is also contrary to the original intention of the qualification system. Assuming that the design industry is completely free to compete (with no design qualification threshold), there will be the same phenomenon of excessive competition and low price competition. Due to the existence of a mandatory qualification system, many companies simply do not directly engage in design services. The purpose of their existence is to operate their own design qualifications, and to provide services to some single private or small design studios. Nowadays, influenced by the Internet+, many companies believe in the “light asset” model. Everyone is looking for a new business model, and they want to take the world into a bag through a model. This kind of thinking is actually the "intermediary" idea for thousands of years. The core point is that one end connects to the owner, one end connects to the design supplier, and the bridge is the design qualification of the anchor.


From the owner's point of view, their needs are simple: find a strong and credible design to provide good design consulting services. How does this requirement come into being? The first is design qualification, because the drawings must be qualified and stamped in the future, this is an institutional requirement. Secondly, there is a fixed office space, a complete staff structure, good historical performance and competitive prices. From the point of view of the anchor, the foregoing can be provided by the affiliated party. But the ability to provide good design consulting services will ultimately be reflected in the post-design services. Since the anchors do not have a stable design supplier, they are often provided through speculation or third parties. But we know that it is impossible to guarantee the ultimate good service quality through a contract (mostly basically no contract) or relationship to maintain a third party or a fourth party. Because the chain is too long, the dilution of the cost causes a contradiction once the communication at a chain end is not smooth. In the long run, this so-called "light asset" model is unlikely to last long.



The construction industry has passed the golden decade.

In the eyes of many people, it is like a roller coaster has passed the peak and is going downhill.



In this era of rapid realization, it seems that the industries that I work in are in the sunset stage of the thin mountains and mountains. Everyone thinks that as long as they can get one from the industry they are engaged in, they can do it. But what we forget is which industry is no different. When we retreat, fantasy can be withdrawn, but it may never lose its ability to compete.


From the simple point of view of business, whether it is self-development or development, as long as the designer or intermediary who can provide good service can go well. But what we have to remember is that no matter what age, no matter where, no matter what industry, down-to-earth service to customers will never be outdated.


As an old craft for thousands of years, the design industry may never be able to make big events. Limited by the length of human life, not to mention that this is a time of change, we can not really have a long-term business.


Ma's ideal is not to let Alibaba live 101 years old?


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