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Good news is coming! Congratulations to Rinro for successfully signing multiple curtain wall design projects


The project is located on Changfeng Avenue and Gutian Road in Qiaokou District, Wuhan. It is an important traffic road in Qiaokou District and has the advantages of efficient and convenient regional transportation. The project will be built into a diversified ecological community, which will improve the overall urban living environment. At the same time, it occupied the main traffic nodes of the city and became the central hub of urban life.

The project is a commercial building with four floors.The main curtain wall systems are: aluminum panel and glass curtain wall.



The project is located in the national-level Zengcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone in the eastern part of Guangzhou, with a superior geographical location, convenient transportation and beautiful environment. The project will be built as a medical center in eastern Guangzhou, adhere to the service concept of "patient-centered", continue to increase investment in the hospital's medical infrastructure, further improve the quality of medical care and service levels, and meet the people's medical service needs.


The project is located in the state-owned Yinzhan Forest Farm in Qingyuan City. The forest farm has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. It is an important gateway for Qingyuan City to the Pearl River Delta and the frontier of the back garden of the Pearl River Delta.
This project is composed of 7 high-rise residential buildings, skirt shops and supporting houses, of which 3 high-rise residential buildings are accompanied by podium commercial and supporting buildings (community service office buildings, property management houses, public toilets, health service stations, cultural activity rooms) ). The curtain wall system is aluminum panel, stone curtain wall system, and aluminum alloy lattice system.


This project is located at the south of Xingzhong Road and the west of Xinwan 5th Road in the Beiwei area of Zhuhai Science and Technology Innovation Coast, Huafa Yuegu Garden to the south, and China Resources Park Jiuli and Tiandiyuan·Shangtang County to the west.

The project covers an area of 15287.04 square meters, with a total construction area of 64500.18 square meters, and consists of 6 residential buildings and 1 basement. The curtain wall system includes aluminum panel system, stone curtain wall system and aluminum alloy lattice system.


The project is located on Haiba Road at the junction of Guangzhou and Foshan, formerly known as South China Automobile City. In the future, it will be built into an urban complex covering functional areas such as river view residences, hotels, apartments, office buildings, themed commercial malls, automobile cultural experience, theme parks, etc. After completion, it will be the largest automobile cultural experience center in South China.

This project includes two buildings E3 and E4. Curtain wall doors and windows area are about 46,000 square meters. Curtain wall system: aluminum panel, glass curtain wall, floor spring, etc.