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Rinro Won Kowloon New Town General Hospital 知识城南方医院外墙设计项目

Recently, Rinro façade consultant successfully won the bid for the Knowledge City Southern Hospital (Kowloon New Town General Hospital) project. The project is located in Jiulong New City, Central China Guangzhou Knowledge City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. It is adjacent to Siheng Road in the north, four longitudinal roads in the east, Wuheng Road in the south and Sanchang Road in the west. Project scale: The total construction area is 202,389 square meters, the building capacity is 140,739 square meters, the number of building floors (the highest) is 16 floors above ground, and the underground is 1 floor; the highest building height is 74.7m, and the total land area is 84867.3 square meters. Meters, the total area of the building is 22,999 square meters, including 17 outpatient clinics, including 4 floors (1~4F) of outpatient medical technology building, 12 floors (6~7F) of inpatient building, and 1 floor of overhead building ( 5F); 10 lines of administrative research and teaching building, 3 floors of podium; 9 floors of logistic support building, 3 floors of podium; 1st floor of high-pressure oxygen station; 1st floor of sewage garbage disposal station, 1st floor of wind and rain corridor. The main functions are hospitals and supporting rooms.

The main curtain wall types are glass curtain wall, aluminum panel system, awning, grille, doors and windows, etc.


近日,凝龙幕墙咨询成功中标知识城南方医院(九龙新城综合医院)项目。本项目位于广州市黄埔区中新广州知识城中部九龙新城,北临四横路,东临四纵路,南临五横路,西临三纵路。工程规模:总建筑面积为202389平方米,计容建筑面积为140739平方米,建筑层数(最高)为地上16层,地下负1层;最高建筑总高度:74.7m,总用地面积:84867.3平方米,建筑总占地面积为22999平方米,其中门诊医技住院楼共17层,包含门诊医技楼4层(1~4F),住院楼12(6~7F), 架空共1层(5F;行政科研教学楼共10层,裙楼3层;后勤保障楼共9层,裙楼3层;高压氧站1层;污水垃圾处理站1,及风雨连廊1层。主要使用功能为医院及配套用房。