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Rinro Won Kuala Lumpur UOB2 Project
Recently, Rinro facade consultation(Kuala Lumpur-Kunlong) successfully won the bid for the Kuala Lumpur UOB curtain wall design project. This project is the second phase of UOB2 (UOB)'s headquarters project in Kuala Lumpur. The design unit is DCA (Design Collective Architecture Networks Sdn Bhd), and the main contractor unit is IJM. The height of the project is 193.5 meters, the glass curtain wall system area is 45,000 square meters, and the other material curtain wall system area is about 5,000 square meters. The main curtain wall types are unitized glass curtain walls, stick glass system, aluminum cladding panel system, glass grill system and various forms of canopy systems.

  近日,吉隆坡凝龙幕墙咨询成功中标吉隆坡UOB幕墙设计项目。此项目是UOB2(大华银行)在吉隆坡的第二期总部办公项目。设计单位为DCA(Design Collective Architecture Networks Sdn Bhd),总包单位是IJM。该项目高度为193.5米,玻璃幕墙面积为4.5万平方米,其他材料幕墙面积约5000平方米,主要幕墙类型有单元式玻璃幕墙,框架玻璃、铝板幕墙、玻璃肋系统及多种形式雨篷系统等。