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Rinro Won Shantou Bocui Mansion 汕头博翠府外墙设计项目

Recently, Rinro successfully won the bid for Shantou Bocui Mansion project. The project is located in north of Chaoshan Road, fast access to Chaoshan Airport and Chaoshan Station, south of Qushi Bridge, Niutianyang Expressway, Rongjiang Super Bridge, connecting Chaoyang and Chaonan, east of Jinfeng East Road through Shantou city center ,Shantou, Guangdong. The scenery around the project is beautiful, not only can you see the 20,000 mu of Niutian Ocean Wetland, but you can also visit Longquanyan Scenic Area, Beijiao Park, Xigang Park, etc. The surrounding supporting facilities include Wanda Plaza, Shantou Second People's Hospital, Shantou Central Hospital (Third-class hospital), and Jinping District Third People's Hospital.

The project includes three plots (A, B, C) of residential, commercial and elementary schools and other supporting housing. The main curtain wall systems are aluminum panel, stone curtain wall, aluminum alloy doors&windows, aluminum alloy lattice and louvers, aluminum canopy, railing.