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Recently, the curtain wall design project of Nanzhou Road Sales Department, contracted by Rinro, has been formally completed. The project is located at 1026 Nanzhou Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, where the Pearl River is at the south side, Yujingwan of the Pearl River at east, and the Dasha Village of Lijiao at the west. The location is just in the south section of the new central axis of Guangzhou City, with an open river view.



The curtain wall project is applied with glass wall system. Super-white circular arc with laminated glass and steel structure fluttering canopy complement each other, making the whole building transparent and clean, light and elegant, in the water shore, the sky is uniform, just like the realm of the sky.



 And to complete such a delicate design, from the design of drawings to the consultation of schemes, then to the final structure landing, it all reflects the ingenuity of Rinro staff to overcome difficulties and strive for excellence.  


Firstly, the difficulty of design is mainly embodied in the sealing joint of the circular-arc steel structure flutter, which not only needs to perfect the interface of the circular-arc flutter, but also ensure its anti-leakage performance.

Secondly, the difficulty is also from the selection of materials, such as 6.5m high super white curved laminated glass and steel plate fluttering, which are not normal and makes it difficult for us help to find a supplier for the owner.




 In the future, as an independent façade consultant, Rinro company will continue to adhere to the concept of private customization and independent dedicated service, pursue the perfect balance between the beauty and economy of curtain wall, master the latest engineering design, technical management and curtain wall design trends, and dedicate to providing private customized high-quality services for owners and architects.