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Building Exterior Materials Technical Exchange Activities-Sealant
On the afternoon of June 13th, Rinro (Rinro Facade Consultant) invited Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Thinkland High-tech Co., Ltd. to our company to carry out technical exchange activities for building exterior wall sealant.

There are many materials in the building's exterior walls, and the performance is different. New technologies and new products emerge one after another. As a consulting company for building exterior wall design, every employee must keep up with the pace of product development and constantly update the knowledge base so as to serve the customer more professionally. .


In about two hours of communication time, Yang made a systematic introduction to the glue used in the construction of exterior walls and summarized the typical failure cases and solutions of sealant in modern buildings.
In particular, the 25-year warranty on silicone structural sealants has been highlighted.
By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of American Standard ASTM C1184, National Standard GB16776, and European Standard ETAG002, she emphasized the importance and feasibility of promoting the 25-year warranty on silicone structural sealants in China. Special mention was made of the addition of thermo gravimetric analysis to new standards. Infrared spectroscopy tests, requirements for shear adhesion, tear strength, mechanical fatigue testing, creep, and environmental impact.
It is worth noting that the 25-year warranty product will increase the cost of about 30 to 50% on the basis of the original 10-year warranty. However, taking into account the fact that developed countries generally adopt the 25-year warranty, and that plastics account for approximately 1% to 2% of the total material cost, the selection of more assured products is worth adopting and promoting. Considering in particular that the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the State Administration of Safety Supervision have further strengthened the safety protection work for glass curtain walls, Jianbao [2015] No. 38 has imposed stringent requirements on hidden frames. The new requirement for this national standard should be timely. Progressive.
  她通过对比美标ASTM C1184,国标GB16776,欧标ETAG002的优劣点,强调了中国推进硅酮结构密封胶25年质保的重要性与可实施性,特别提及新标准增加了热重分析,红外光谱分析测试,对剪切粘结性,撕裂强度,机械疲劳试验,蠕变及对环境影响的要求。

In addition, at the exchange meeting, we had a lively discussion on the tearing (oil) phenomenon of insulating glass, leakage of hollow glass, leakage of water, cracking phenomenon of sealant, stone pollution, and high-strength structural adhesives.
Everyone was particularly interested in the bathroom and the moldy phenomenon of the kitchen sink sealant. The main reason is that due to the results of acidic sealants used in most cases, it is actually recommended to use neutral sealants or “mildew proof” sealant products in order to avoid such commonplace quality problems.

The phenomenon of cracking on the market sealant and the phenomenon of hollow glass flow are mainly due to the fact that the bad manufacturers reduce the cost of the sealant and fill the sealant with low-boiling substances such as white oil, which leads to gradual volatilization of the low-boiling substances, resulting in the change of the sealant. Hard, brittle and appear cracking phenomenon; In addition, white oil can dissolve butyl sealant, which will also affect the performance of hollow glass.

As a curtain wall design and consulting company that pursues the quality of exterior walls, Rinro (Ninglong Facade Consulting) continues to maintain long-term and in-depth exchange activities with leading material brands in the construction field, promoting the building's exterior wall industry to advance together to solve the problem of owners and Difficulties encountered by the Design Institute.