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Ming Yu And Rinro's Façade Solutions Exchange Activities
A few days ago, Rinro (Ninglong facade consultant) was invited by the M.Y design agency to go to the M.Y headquarters to conduct academic-technical friendly exchange activities for exterior wall solutions.

M.Y design institute registration headquarters is located in China. Hong Kong. The design and operation agency is composed of Guangzhou Mingyu Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Domain Road Landscape Design Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xinguangxia Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch (Class A). The M.Y design organization has an international decision-making level and project management operating system. The high-level professional technical service team provides the overall solution for the project. He has directly experienced and participated in the extraordinary development of China's real estate industry for more than a decade, witnessed the process of urbanization in China, and has a deep understanding of building and natural integration and cultural heritage and accumulated practical experience.

In the one-and-a-half-hour technical exchange activities, the architects conducted an in-depth discussion on how to cooperate with the architectural profession and the curtain wall design profession. They conducted exchanges from different perspectives on the professional collaborative pain points encountered in their work; Collaborative solution skills in their respective professional design fields.
In addition, some architects are very concerned about the pollution of the external walls of the building. In particular, how to ensure the cleanliness of the external walls of the construction process and the maintenance of the buildings during the later period have caused heated discussion.
This all reflects the attention of excellent architects who strive to present quality and distinctive works for our residential building environment.

As a socially responsible façade design and consulting company, Rinro (Façade Consultant) continues to maintain long-term and in-depth exchange activities with the leading architectural design institutes in the construction field, promoting the development of architecture and curtain wall design together, and working closely together. Solve the problems faced by the owners and design institutes.