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Good news spreads frequently, great achievements are made, congratulations to Rinro for successfully signing several curtain wall projects





The core area of Baiyun New City CBD, the intersection of Yuncheng West Road and Yuncheng South Fourth Road, next to the former runway space of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

It is expected to build an urban complex with a volume of about 700,000 square meters, covering residences, super high-rise office buildings and diversified commercial complexes to meet the living needs of various groups of people. , Guangzhou Baiyun Station and other transportation hubs and various central areas.


The main curtain wall system of the project are: Glass curtain wall system, aluminum panel curtain wall system, glass railing system, etc.




The project is close to the Yuexiu Xinghui Jinsha Project, with obvious land advantages. It overlooks the natural lake in the east and Xunfeng Mountain Ecological Park in the north. The surrounding lakes and mountains are rich in ecological resources, and the plot ratio is only 1.8, with fresh air and pleasant scenery.

The buildings are planned to be lined up next to the lake to ensure transparency on all sides, sitting on the mountain and lake views, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoying a modern poetic life.


The main curtain wall system of the project are: fin class system on the first floor of the main entrance, fin class system on the second floor, non-fin full-glass curtain wall system in the inner courtyard, aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum alloy grille system, glass railing system, aluminum panel system, imitation stone brick curtain wall system, aluminum panel curtain wall system, etc.



龙湖青岛胶州天街定位“无浪不作 潮尚生长”,通过丰富多元的业态组合及差异化特色品牌的引入,在满足客群核心诉求的基础上,力求为消费者打造有趣的生活空间,引领胶州商业新风尚。

This project is located in Jiaozhou, Qingdao, and is also the first commercial project of Longfor commercial layout in Qingdao.Construction area of 167,000 square meters Jiaozhou is a new area in the north of Qingdao. It is ecologically livable and has three ports. It covers one international airport, two high-speed railway stations, the third cross-sea bridge connection line and four subway lines. A world-class trade hub city, integrating business, tourism, residential and aviation industries, with the highest per capita density.

Longfor Qingdao Jiaozhou Tianjie is positioned to "grow without waves without the tide". Through the introduction of rich and diverse business formats and the introduction of differentiated characteristic brands, on the basis of satisfying the core demands of the customer base, it strives to create an interesting living space for consumers, leading the way Jiaozhou business new fashion.


The main curtain wall system of the project are: Aluminum panel curtain wall, stone curtain wall, aluminum alloy grille, etc.




The project is located beside Xintang TOD, close to Dongjiang River and Dongguan on the other side. It is an important part of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor and the traffic pattern of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

After the renovation, Qunxing Village will build a business center + Lingnan culture + Dongjiang characteristic livable new town with three core engines—education, environment and commerce, and two cultural and tourism business cards—Lingnan Culture Square and Dragon Boat Park, and become Guangzhou. One of the most prosperous areas in the east and the most competitive residential highland in Guangzhou.


The main curtain wall system of the project are: Aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum alloy louver system, steel louver system, stainless steel railing system, aluminum alloy grille system, aluminum panel canopy system, imitation stone brick curtain wall system.


本项目位于建设中的地铁3号线东延段番禺客运站上盖,靠近番禺城市花园、东湖洲花园和金岸花园,宗地面积77370平方米。交通枢纽用地兼容商业设施用地、商务设施 用地、娱乐康体用地、二类居住用地、城市 轨道交通用地。



The project is located on top of Panyu Passenger Station, the east extension of Metro Line 3, and is close to Panyu City Garden, East Huzhou Garden and Jinan Garden, with a land area of 77,370 square meters. The transportation hub land is compatible with commercial facility land, business facility land, recreational and sports land, second-class residential land, and urban rail transit land

This will build Guangzhou's first TOD commercial complex (80,000 square meters).

At the same time, a subway entrance, exit and passage will also be built in the plot. In the future, the project on top of the plot will have the opportunity to directly connect to the Panyu Passenger Station, the east extension of Metro Line 3 under construction.


The main curtain wall system of the project are: Aluminum panel curtain wall, glass curtain wall, railings, louvers, etc.