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Good news has been spread frequently, and we have achieved great results again. Congratulations to Rinro for successfully signing 6 curtain wall engineering projects, with a total curtain wall area of more than 100,000 square meters!




The project is located in Dong'an Street, Longquanyi District, with a net land area of 185.6206 mu and a plot ratio of 2.5. It consists of three plots and is a commercial and service compatible residential land,The curtain wall area is about 78,000 square meters.

The plot is adjacent to the east of the resource of Peking University, and there are also residential areas such as Crown Lake No. 1 and the city in the fruit shell. The living atmosphere is strong. The plot is only 400 meters away from the Study Station of Metro Line 2 and Wuyue Plaza in the new city. Life is convenient. It is currently under construction in full swing and will become the tenth Tianjie in Chengdu in the future.

The main curtain wall system of the project are:Aluminum panel system, stainless steel fence system, glass curtain wall system, air-conditioning shutter system, Glass canopy system, stainless steel curtain wall system, etc.




The project is located on the Guilong longitudinal line of the Donglongxi Economic Pilot Zone in Guiyang, with a curtain wall area of 7000 square meters.

Guiyang Chunfeng Yanyu will fully present the poetic lifestyle of courtyard villas with products based on the cultural origins of Suzhou, Hangzhou and Guizhou. After entering Guizhou, he merged it with "Qiangui" and influenced the spirit and culture of the whole Qiangui. Living in an elegant villa in the woods, backed by the mountains, surrounded by the mountains and countryside, green plants isolate the hustle and bustle of the city, and the verdant scenery is everywhere, creating courtyards and villas that fit the culture of Guiyang.


The main curtain wall system of the project are:Clay stone curtain wall system, vertical and horizontal hidden glass curtain wall system, aluminum panel  system, full glass curtain wall system。



This project is located next to Wangshan Street in Dongping County, covering an area of 83.72 acres, with a floor area ratio of 2.2, and a total construction area of about 150,000 square meters, It is a city core mansion.

The core commercial section of the central urban area is a key upgrading area of the city. It is adjacent to Wangshan Street, the east-west trunk road to the north, and Jinshan Road to the west, with convenient transportation. It is 0.2km away from the commercial center Ruyuan Shopping Plaza and 0.3km from Jinhui Commercial Street, with a strong commercial atmosphere. It is 1.2km away from the county government and 0.7km away from the People’s Hospital, with complete surrounding facilities.


The main curtain wall system of the project are:Glass curtain wall, aluminum panel curtain wall, porcelain panel curtain wall.


本项目位于位于位于西部中心城A片区(即湖心新城),地块北侧为湖心金茂悦、海伦堡·湖心里等楼盘;南侧为金湾立交桥、 红旗镇;西侧为复星地块、招商地块;东侧为湖心路。



The project is located in Area A of the central city in the west (namely Huxin New Town). The north side of the plot is Huxin Jin Maoyue, Helensburg·Huxinli and other real estates; the south side is Jinwan Overpass and Hongqi Town; the west side is Fosun Land plot, land plot for investment promotion; Huxin Road on the east side.

The West Lake School is east of Huxin Road.

At present, the residential population is relatively large, and the major residential districts are relatively dense. There is an urgent need to add a professional sports center to meet the cultural and sports needs of the entire region.


The main curtain wall system of the project are:Exposed frame glass curtain wall system, aluminum panel curtain wall system, floor spring door curtain wall system, canopy curtain wall system.



The project is located in Luogang Community, Luogang Street, Huangpu District, in the core area of Huangpu Political and Cultural Center and Science City area. It has huge development advantages and potential.

After the transformation, Dalang will become an urban complex area integrating residential, shopping, and leisure functions, truly integrating into the urbanization of Huangpu's central city. At present, the Dalong area has landed in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area National Technology Innovation Center, national human resources industrial park, Duoyi Global Headquarters, Baoneng Guangzhou Financial Center, Beijing-Guangzhou Cultural Shinkansen, Sand Ship and other innovative technology industries System and headquarters economy format.


The main curtain wall system of the project are:Glass curtain wall system, stone curtain wall system, metal plate curtain wall system.



This project is located on the central axis of Baiyun New City, which is the real core location, gathering a lot of high-end resources. And with the closing of Longhu Tianyi, there is no more residential supply on the entire central axis. The land is located on the central axis of Baiyun New City. , Is the real core position, gathering a lot of high-end resources, and with the closing of Longhu Tianyi, there is no more residential supply on the entire central axis.

项目主要幕墙系统为:玻璃幕墙系统、铝板幕墙系统、玻璃栏杆系统等 。

The main curtain wall system of the project are:Glass curtain wall system, aluminum panel curtain wall system, glass railing system, etc.