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Building Exterior Wall Materials Technical Exchange Activities - Anchoring Hardware, Embedded Parts and Fireproof Paint
On the afternoon of September 8, 2017, Rinro (Ninglong Facade Consultant) invited Hilti Anchor Hardware Company to go to our company to carry out technical exchange activities for the anchoring hardware, embedded parts and fire-retardant paints of the external walls of the building.

There are many materials in the building's exterior walls, and the performance is different. New technologies and new products emerge one after another. As a consulting company for building exterior wall design, every employee must keep up with the pace of product development and constantly update the knowledge base so as to serve the customer more professionally. .

In about one and a half hours of communication, Mr. Zhou first briefly introduced the channel embedded parts and compared and analyzed the characteristics of the HALFEN Channel, the ordinary channel embedded parts and the V-shaped channel embedded parts, and the market price,usage.

The different processing technology of the product leads to different mechanical properties of the channel embedded parts, as follows:

By adopting new processes such as V-section and temperature-controlled rolling technology, the mechanical properties of grooved embedded parts and the reliability of building products can be improved.

Fire protection design is the focus of curtain wall construction, based on:
"Building Fire Design Code" GBJ16 50016
"High-rise Civil Building Design Fire Prevention Code" GB50045-95 (2005 edition)
"Technical Regulations for the Application of Building Fire Stopping" CECS 154:2003
"Technical Specifications for Glass Curtain Wall Engineering" JGJ102-2003
Building Curtain Wall GB/T21086-2007
Generally, 1.5mm galvanized steel sheet and fireproof cotton are installed at the position where the structural beam and the curtain wall are connected, and at the same time, the fireproofing sealant is applied at the edge of the galvanized steel sheet to solve the fireproof problem in the vertical direction of the curtain wall.
  《建筑防火设计规范》GBJ16 50016
  《高层民用建筑设计防火规范》GB50045-95 (2005版)
  《建筑防火封堵应用技术规程》CECS 154:2003

The conventional fire prevention measures are relatively complicated and the construction time is long, and the fireproof paint spraying treatment scheme can effectively speed up the construction progress.

From the perspective of materials and labor costs, the cost of steel plate + fireproofing cotton, fireproofing rubber solutions and fireproof paints are similar, because with the increase of income level, the cost of labor construction in recent years is also rising. The ability to speed up construction progress efficiently is a pleasure for all parties involved in construction.
According to feedback from construction in recent years, fire-retardant paint is gradually being applied to large-scale curtain wall high-rise projects, which is a good example of the replacement of building curtain walls.

As a curtain wall design and consulting company that pursues the quality of exterior walls, Rinro continues to maintain long-term and in-depth exchange activities with leading material brands in the construction field, promoting the building's exterior wall industry to advance together to solve the problem of owners and Difficulties encountered by the Design Institute.
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