Expertise  ​   专长

Rinro provides a complete set of exterior wall design solutions for the owners, contractors and contractors of Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Philippines and the Americas, and the construction units.


Design overseas on-site 设计海外驻扎​​​​

Rinro provides tailor-made offshore service design services for customers and provides real-time face-to-face services for local high-end curtain wall projects. Solve all the problems related to food, clothing, housing, and transportation, reduce the difficulty of customer's administrative coordination, and improve the feedback efficiency of the project to solve various design problems. 


Relying on China's vast and advanced infrastructure industry development experience and a large number of college education backgrounds, Rinro regularly recruits high-quality graduates with solid professional knowledge and strong English communication skills from renowned engineering colleges and universities, and continuously cultivates curtain walls designer facing the international direction​.


Excellent designer 优秀设计人员

Based on the reality that different countries adopt the technical specifications that are suitable for local curtain walls, although the theoretical core of these technical specifications is similar, the actual operation is very different.


Global professional experience 全球专业经验
Full process support service 全流程配套服务​

With Rinro's familiarity with the Chinese curtain wall industry, it is able to provide global customers with the integration of materials suppliers' resources in the industry, contact with processing plants for overseas, contact with curtain wall tool and equipment suppliers, organize and training the experienced technical workers. Provide global support for global customers with supporting of the industry chain.